The trouble with lyme disease and controversy over treatment (Radio)

May 22nd, 2009 by LymeWorks

Thursday, May 21, 2009:The trouble with lyme disease and controversy over treatment. Guests include Marina Andrews with Western Wisconsin Lyme Action Group. Ann Krisik from Amery also has Lyme Disease. Dr. Paul Goellner is with the Duluth Clinic in Spooner. He first identified Lyme Disease in Wisconsin in the 70′s after his daughter and brother became ill.

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  1. June Marie Spooner Says:

    The doctor on the radio show is really fague and uncertain -I would say deliberately to protect himself. Really seems deliberately unknowledgeable. Layperson knows more than he does.

  2. June Marie Spooner Says:

    What a jerk. The doctor didn’t know that wood ticks carry rocky mtn and ercholosis? What! some wood ticks can be Lyme carriers also.
    I from PA have late Lyme. Husband died in ref to barely treated late lyme.A 2 way st. taken as a one way. Horror story.I am hardly out in yd anymore. Was feeling worse for a couple of mos. Off and on biaxin XL.Got spotted rashes on inner sides of knees rashes behind knees.Then I see on innerpart ofthigh looked like a flat lightbrown mole? Level with skin.Iflicked off top thinking then a pc of debree & OUT POPPED A LIVE TICK THAT WAS HIBERNATING IN A LITTLE HOLE IN THIGH??That is not normal. Sent to elcheapo lab, checked it for nothing at all,just said it was wood tick american varibalis. A couple of wks after horrible all over backs of hands feet stomach thighs and more peeling skin also. Really looked like Rocky mtn. It is the weirdest thing no dogs either. Whole body living in a hole under skin with the thin light brown cover on. Well I do believe the biaxin must have as it fed most likely way before in another area of body the biaxin killed the germs it was carrying. As later sent to Igenex and it was dead then & they picked up nothing?! Those rashes horrible & not lyme rashes oh arms also faint red spots all over. I did see that biaxin is sometimes used for R mtn in children. also go like thick white skin on heels and some backs of feet and if pulled off too early would bleed. Test with Igenex did show on 31epitope late stage chronic lyme. Another evil item 31 & 34 used for vaccine. Junk vaccine is off mkt and 31 &34 was never put back in. should never have been removed. Criminal!!!!!
    Wait till they or their grandchildren get bitten. The evil ones will be stuffing the kids with antibiotics. Oh they are poisons. Bull s. I guess embrel and all that garbage for RA moving white blood cells are not poisons.

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